Hello there! My name is Haja Sheriff.  Though I work as a professional in the IT industry in India, Education is a pet passion.  Growing up was great- but I did not have access to many of the tools that are aviaible to children today (no- I am not talking of computers only). Also with a system that focused on brow beating the child into submission, one was not exactly the most positive in their approach towards education.  As a result, I still feel that I missed out on achieving my potential!  That said, my goal is to help all the children achieve their potential!  I believe it is not about getting full marks- but using all tools available, to help achieve ones true potential. 

Every child has the absolute right to dream, and my blog aims at providing some basic tips & tools to help anyone interested in education, to learn the tips.

All the best!

If you want to learn more about me, visit me on www.hajasheriff.com . I also maintain some blogs on my other passion – mindmapping! http://mindmapper.hajasheriff.com/

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