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Yet Another video- Never give up. ever!


You thought, you had problems.

That you were not given enough by god.

Never give up- despite all odds.

Things will start looking up – and the results are just round the corner!

Go for it- and work hard. You will get your rewards.

Brilliant Video. Live you life to the fullest.  Find ways to get up – everytime you fall! Don’t give up.

Motivational video


Nothing comes easily – especially success.

This video is one of the best I have seen which highlights what goes beyond the success of people who are stars today. Nothing but pure practice.

Watch this everyday!

Go through this every single day- and motivate yourself to put in that effort- to bring the passion to the fore- that will propel you to bigger things in life!

While you prepare for your exams, spend 5 minutes to go through this. It will make your preparation afterwards seem easy! 

All the best. Happy Viewing.

Free Education–The Khan Way!


While browsing through the net looking for stuff to help my children learn about concepts better than they do in school, I happened on the Khan Academy

Bill Gates has some great things to say about Mr.Khan

In an era where everyone looks at monetizing their offerings, here is a special person who has provided a whole bunch of stuff meant for children – free. 

This is the kind of work required for us in India to touch the Million plus children who never go beyond rote reading and many many others who drop out of school.  

Thinking out of the box!

For you readers, who are students or parents, take the time to access the site and see if it is of interest. I bet there are areas there that you could look at & use.