New Ideas


While helping my daughters with some work around mathematics, I did some innovative search (at least I thought so :)).  I went online and looked for some free worksheets that would help her practice her basics.

It turns out that there are practically no good sites that allow children to download worksheets that are of good quality and helps them practice.

I think children can become better at the work they do, only when they practice repeatedly. It builds confidence & gives them the ability to understand concepts that may otherwise escape them.

So, this is my new idea/ plan- start putting up some worksheets so that other parents (and children) can download these worksheets and start using them more effectively.

As much I want to make money (who doesn’t?), I want to try and keep it free for everyone.

Who knows someday, someone will be keen to buy this from me…

Mark my words :)

Look out for the new updates.

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