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The 2 critical elements to succeed wildly in life (for your kids as well)


Studies can be one of the most monotonous activities a child can undergo! I remember my times as a kid, who would do anything in my power to avoid studies :) Of course, I got away with anything, because my parents rarely knew what I was up to.  Looking back, I think of all the time, that I could have utilized, if only, I had the two key elements that are critical to succeed –

  1. Positive Self Esteem – Self –esteem is the single most important criteria to succeed. I am yet to meet someone who succeeded brilliantly despite having a very low self esteem.  A well developed, positive self esteem, drives the second most critical element to succeed
  2. Positive Outlook – A positive outlook, that is drives the student to achieve more great things for themselves in the future.

Alas, for most of us in my generation, there were very few guides, role-models or books to help us focus our energies! This generation, on the other hand, has a multitude of offerings to help the children do better- in various ways.

With a positive spirit, (and with the right guidance), the child can create the best models possible to succeed.

As a parent, you can focus on providing the child with a positive self-esteem & a positive outlook on anything – and the rest of the success will surely follow!