Getting started with Examination Prep Work


So we are ready to go!

Steps to take:

1. Set clear Goals – It is too early for most of the students to plan for this at this stage of their life. However, it is still very important to set some clear goals.  I realize it is not easy for students to grasp the concept of setting goals. Nevertheless, I will put a few tips for you to see how best you can set some goals that will help you.  Goals need to be something that excite you, set you moving in the right direction, and moreover gives you a a clear vision of where you are going.  Goals are always written in Present tense.  E.g- "I am in the Top 2 of the class, and have got an average of 85% in the Exam. I see myself being congratulated by the Principal & my friends, who are shaking their heads in amazement and my overall performance. I am simply the best in the class."

2. Take Stock : This is an important element of the entire process. Take stock of where you are- and what you have to study! Many students do not know how much they need to do, and how many days they have to achieve their goals.  This is therefore an important step, to ensure that you know how much you need to prepare!

3. Set up your Calendar:  Set up a calendar (a softcopy will be part of the e-book that I will get ready over the next 1 week or so).  This should be planned carefully so that you are clear about what to study when- rather than get rattled and try to do too much – thereby attaining – nothing! 

4. Plan your Weekly & Daily Goals : Plan your weekly and daily goals.  Also set a weekly checkpoint to see what is working and not working. 

These are high level pointers- and there is a lot that you have to do over the next few days to get yourself moving in the right direction. 

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