Yet Another video- Never give up. ever!


You thought, you had problems.

That you were not given enough by god.

Never give up- despite all odds.

Things will start looking up – and the results are just round the corner!

Go for it- and work hard. You will get your rewards.

Brilliant Video. Live you life to the fullest.  Find ways to get up – everytime you fall! Don’t give up.

Motivational video


Nothing comes easily – especially success.

This video is one of the best I have seen which highlights what goes beyond the success of people who are stars today. Nothing but pure practice.

Watch this everyday!

Go through this every single day- and motivate yourself to put in that effort- to bring the passion to the fore- that will propel you to bigger things in life!

While you prepare for your exams, spend 5 minutes to go through this. It will make your preparation afterwards seem easy! 

All the best. Happy Viewing.

Free Education–The Khan Way!


While browsing through the net looking for stuff to help my children learn about concepts better than they do in school, I happened on the Khan Academy

Bill Gates has some great things to say about Mr.Khan

In an era where everyone looks at monetizing their offerings, here is a special person who has provided a whole bunch of stuff meant for children – free. 

This is the kind of work required for us in India to touch the Million plus children who never go beyond rote reading and many many others who drop out of school.  

Thinking out of the box!

For you readers, who are students or parents, take the time to access the site and see if it is of interest. I bet there are areas there that you could look at & use. 



”Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.” Robert H. Schuller

New Ideas


While helping my daughters with some work around mathematics, I did some innovative search (at least I thought so :)).  I went online and looked for some free worksheets that would help her practice her basics.

It turns out that there are practically no good sites that allow children to download worksheets that are of good quality and helps them practice.

I think children can become better at the work they do, only when they practice repeatedly. It builds confidence & gives them the ability to understand concepts that may otherwise escape them.

So, this is my new idea/ plan- start putting up some worksheets so that other parents (and children) can download these worksheets and start using them more effectively.

As much I want to make money (who doesn’t?), I want to try and keep it free for everyone.

Who knows someday, someone will be keen to buy this from me…

Mark my words :)

Look out for the new updates.

Striving for Perfection


While reading the book “Lessons Learned – Loving your work” ,  I came across this article from Peggy Fleming, who was a Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medallist. 

As a student, I know this is a very difficult value proposition to follow. But read on- we will come to the point.

I quote-

“What that instilled in me was to practice perfection. Every time I skated and had a lesson from my coach, I tried to think of a performance- I tried to think of the crowd. I tried to think of how that pressure would feel. I actually came up with a game that I did at every lesson: I would try to do a perfect lesson.  That made it even more difficult; I didn’t want to make one mistake in the hour I had with my coach. It was fun. I think he respected that to: and it was fun for him to have a student who was giving it her all at a practice. 

What I learned was that practicing perfection, not cheating yourself, is the best way to go through life.

Even today, when I go for a run, I hear that little voice in my head saying, “I have committed to this hour. I am going to keep running the whole time. If I stop, I am cheating, and I’m not getting the benefit out of this. I’m only cheating myself”.

I obviously was very impressed with this article.

And I suspect most of us don’t go on to win gold medals in the Olympics because of this single attitude gap! (maybe there is a talent gap as well – but hey, we don’t know that)

As students, you are very well poised to take advantage of your position to put in that extra effort – every day to make a difference.

From where I stand, I wish I had someone to tell me that at that time (I can see you roll your eyes and say  – that is what my parents tell me all the time Smile) but, it is true.

Instead of doing everything in one lot, start making small changes- everyday.

If there are any questions that you can spend that extra 5 minutes time on so that you are perfect, go do it before you call it a day.

Spend time preparing for your classes before the classes actually happen- and see how much more you get from it. Help your teacher help you get the best out of yourself.  

If you are preparing for exams- this is what you do-

– Ensure that you have everything listed out that you are going to read

– Ensure that you actually spend the time as listed out by you- focusing and giving your 100% studying & preparing

– Move onto the next topic end of the timeline you have set- irrespective of where you are- but make a commitment to come back and finish it completely. 

– Ensure you actually complete all the work without fail.

By following your own guidelines, you build a level of respect for yourself- and set yourself up for a gold medal in the future.

Learning for the day! The Pomodoro Technique




Students who succeed do one thing in common – they work hard.

However, they also work smarter.

I found out about the “The Pomodoro technique” of time management from one of the blogs I was going through. This seems to be another effective tool that one could use to become better at using time to its maximum.

Curiosity got the better of me, and after going through the website, I realize this could be relevant to some of the readers of this blog… Personally, I think this is a great tool, but more than that, if one could follow the process rigor as mentioned in the website, it could be a great way to execute this.

Check out this website for some great reading material for you. Don’t forget to download the free pdf that is good reading as well as some very good thought provoking tips that you could implement. 

Have fun… the Pomodoro has started already!


Freedom of Choice!


Many companies & many people in their personal life, end up in a situation where they qualify it to be a No-Win situation. Many of them move into a shell & start being upset about their situation – and in many cases, lose heart – and in the bargain- lose the battle. 

Recently, I was reading this book – Boom!.  It gave me kind of refresher on changing my attitude, that I have started using this extensively….

Whilst the book has a number of other elements to talk about- one aspect that stood out (to me) was – the matter of Choice!


· The difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is CHOICE.

· The freedom to choose may be the most power attribute and precious resource you have in your life.

· The Freedom to choose is yours alone to leverage or not. No one can grant it to you, and no one can take it away from you.

In your personal as well professional life- we just have to make that one choice – to work differently & look for Solutions (these are few) rather than problems (there are many).  But the choice is OURS to make – and I choose to look for solutions- and the opportunities rather than the problems.  

In the current situation, there are a number of things we cannot influence. However, we should actively look for areas that we can influence.  What do we choose to be today?

Choose to be a PLAYER- not a BYSTANDER.   We all have a choice to be a player- someone who is not standing idly on the ground, while a match is going on – but actively engaging with the other players in the team, and working towards a common goal of winning in this game. 

Players chose to focus on what they can control.

· You can control your attitude towards your boss and senior leaders & the business.

· You can control your ability to perform, to become a guru, a thought-leader, a go-to-person who is seen as adding value.

· You can control your approach when interacting with your boss and other leaders.

What can we do as a Star Team? – we may not be able to single-handedly change our company’s culture, but we can….

· Create a small pocket of success in your own area of influence that inspires others to take notice and behave differently towards us, and our team. Share it with the rest of the team. Let us celebrate all our success together.  Every small success will add a brick to our goal of being the OEM team in the world! (Why stop there – why not the best team in MS).

· Bring the right attitude. (Solutions – not problems)

· Avoid people who are tuned out and actively disengaged.

Another key element to becoming a very successful team is when EVERY member thinks like the OWNER of the company! Instead of being (and behaving like an employee), start behaving like an "Employer/ Owner" . Why would this be required?  (this was truly an eye-opener- and I believe each of should adopt this as our mantra).

Why Owners? –

· Owners step out from behind titles and job descriptions to act on behalf of the customer , partners and  the company.

· They never say "This is not my job" or "this is too big for me".

· Owners cater to the organization mission, vision and values. Non-owners cater to bosses.

· Owners focus on the business results of their actions

· Owners have the guts to ask the tough questions. They understand the consequences of complacency- and they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo with the mantra "How can we make it better"

· Owners disregard functional boundaries to consider what’s goodf or the company as a whole.

· Owners pay attention to detail

Be the change you wish to see in the world – MK Gandhi

If you have stuck by till now – here is a quick homework for you.

Identify 3 activities you will take up immediately- take a pen & write it down- which will set you in the right direction. Think about your personal or professional life- and where you think you are not playing the role of a PLAYER- list it out- and start making a move to change that!  Things will be different.

Mindstorming–Kickstart your Creativity


Creativity, in many people’s opinion, is something a select few are born with!

And most go through life without touching their creativity button.

Many people assume creativity to be the cornerstone of an artist’s and writer’s arsenal. Not so. Creativity touches every aspect of your life- and how you differentiate yourself from the others.  A very good trait that can help drive your career or your child’s thinking in directions that not many have taken the trouble to tread on.

While other tools are available, I find the exercise of Mindstorming to be one of the best I have tried out. I read this in a Brian Tracy book – and since then found out many other well known authors and professional recommend it as well. 

So, here’s how you do it!

Start with a clean paper.

  1. Step 1: Write down the Key Question for which you are looking for a solution.
    • Make this as focused and precise as possible- this will lead to better quality of answers.
  2. Step 2: Start writing down the answers – 1 to 20.
    • Let the thoughts flow.
    • Some of them may be like repetitions but don’t stop
    • Don’t look for original ideas from the first point.
    • Don’t stress yourself out trying to force your brain to churn out those ideas …  let this be an enjoyable exercise.

Simple enough?

For most of you, the first 5-8 answers will just pop out. These are typically the ideas that people take & get to work. These are also the ideas that are most common and most others would also come out with. Now is when you persist!

Till you come to 15, it will be a stretch – but the ideas will still come out.

This is when you don’t give up! Keep at it and squeeze every drop from your brain.  The next 5 will come from the depths of your brain, which will surprise even you!

List out the 20 answers. Identify the answers that address your question and give you solutions that may not have been apparent to you otherwise.

Great. Ready to go.

So, how does this apply to you?

In every aspect of your life (work or personal).

If you are faced with a problem today, try this out.


Very precise questions will lead your brain to lead down a very precise path. Vague questions will let your brain wander around :)

E.g –  From – “How do I get promoted?” to – “What are the things I can do to get promoted in the next 6 months”


From: “ what can I do for my daughter’s birthday?” to “What can I do differently for my daughter’s birthday that will make it memorable for her?”

Try this out.


"If you want to get the best out of a person you must look for the best that is in him."

— Bernard Haldane